F8 launches new brand - Hong Kong Slow Motion (VIDEO)

We have been working secretly over the last few weeks on our new brand 'hongkongslomo' with which we promise to deliver premium service slow motion booths for all types of events in Hong Kong and around Asia Pacific.

If you or any of your friends have an event that you feel this would work at, please get in touch, its perfect for weddings, private events, corporate functions or any kind of event where people are having FUN!

Here is the link to our website for this service: www.hongkongslomo.com

Here is the link to the public facebook page: www.facebook.com/hongkongslomo (please check it out and like us and share it with the hashtag #hongkongslomo

And here is the latest video that we shoot with 9dragonsfitness last weekend at their event in Tung Chung.