Rajasthan Photography Workshop November 2013 - Behind the Scenes

One month ago we led a small workshop (8 people) to Rajasthan in India and had an epic experience as a group of photographers. This blog post is just a short look at some behind the scenes images showing our little gang shooting around Pushkar, Jaipur and Delhi over the week, and most of all a reflection of how much FUN we all had together in such an amazing place.

We will be heading back to India in just a few months time in February 2014, this time deeper into Rajasthan to Jodhpur, details of that workshop can be seen here:


That aside, here is a look behind the scenes at our last Rajasthan workshop, which was held in November 2013.

DSC_0097 2Justine having a great time with the localsF8LM3593 Jon was thankful he had his rabies jabs after a dog attempted to lick him to death...lolF8LM3652-Edit Patrick (left) and myself doing some 'selfies' in Delhi

F8LM3754Myriam shares her image with a lovely lady in the streets of Delhi F8LM3865On route to Pushkar by train...the best way to travel in India F8LM3882 Katherine getting to grips with the awesome light inside the trainF8LM3915Our group waiting to board a train to Pushkar F8LM4170Katherine and Justine taking an elephant up the hill to the Amber Fort F8LM4275Chai Masala Tea Break....this picture was taken at tea break number 135 of 567 during the week...;-) GF2A5456Monica showing her subjects how great they look on camera GF2A6564Gary teaches a local guy how to shoot the Ricoh GR GF2A6612Gary getting some composition tips off the local dog (all dogs we met were super friendly!) img-5143Tasha taking a poignant moment during the train journey to Pushkar img-6254Tasha and Jon doing some strange 'pigeon-dash'! img-6450Tasha can even charm elephants into smiling img-6563Ruth and Katherine with their lovely smiles out enjoying the shooting img-6593Justine out doing some 'training' (excuse the pun). img-6858Gary failing to impress the locals with his cricket skills... L1003482Asking a local to shoot our group photo, he did very well for his first time on a rangefinder   Gary TysonJon posing in an alleyway of Old Delhi L1007576Tasha and Sakshi checking eachothers work L1007578A couple of our local guides in Delhi L1007643Gary checking the Rajasthan scenery on route to Pushkar L1007657Myriam scouting for subjects on the train L1007832Ruth and Patrick loving PushkarL1007864Jon and Patrick trying scarves as reflectors and diffusers...worked perfectly!  L1008169Ruth on the last day in Jaipur L1008209Justine at the mosque in Delhi early morning L1008355Becky at the riverside in Delhi on our last day in India L1008523-EditJon shooting portraits on his trusty Rolleiflex OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPatrick gets up close and personal with his subjects OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJon and Monica taking a taxi

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