Student Showcase - Catherine

One of my students that has almost finished the foundation course recently took a trip to Yunnan in China to practice some of the new skills she has learned throughout the course. Today we met briefly for a coffee and she showed me a few images that she took on her travels, and I found them 'inspirational' to say the least - I fully intend to visit this place myself now!

Absolutely outstanding work for somebody who had little knowledge of photography only a few months ago, this is the reason I love teaching photography - when I can see a students new skill set shining through in their work and their confidence growing every time they pick up the camera, thats what its all about!

She deserves every credit for producing such nice imagery, and this type of attitude reinforces the fact that no matter what we teach or how much you read about photography and composition, there is no substitute for getting out there and taking pictures, which is exactly what Catherine has been doing, and it really shows in her work, its going from strength to strength!

Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more soon!

All images in this post copyright to Catherine Yue Wang