Shooting the HK100 Ultra-Mountain Marathon

It was 4.30am Saturday morning….time to get up and get to the mountains for the start of the HK100 Ultra-mountain marathon….I shouldn't complain about having to get up early, I haven't got to run 100kms over the mountains of Hong Kong, an event which covers more elevation than climbing Mount Everest!

So we arrived, split into two teams (2 x photographer and 2 x video crew) and set off around the various checkpoints to cover the race as best we could, focussing on the Team 'Vibram' participants from HK/China and the European Team that had flown in for the event.

The weather was cold in the morning, ranging too freezing by night time, so an administrative task for everyone concerned was making sure you had the right equipment and clothing to cover what would turn out to be almost 24 hours on the mountains and shooting thousands of images in the process, a selection which had to be edited on the laptop up the hills and sent to press the same day as the event.

These kind of jobs remind of my days in the army where we would work crazy long days in the cold, up hills… least this time i get to wear my F8 Photography hoodie instead of combat body armour and a helmet…although come to think of it that would have kept me warmer  i'm sure…lol.  There were a few outfits worn for the event, the ever present shark-fin soup protesters were out in force also which was good to see.

Here's a taster of the event photos that I took throughout the day, trying to capture the spirit and emotion of the race and its participants.

It was a very long day…..but worth every minute.  We very much look forward to working with Team Vibram again in 2013.

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