Halloween in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong, 2017

The Saturday night before Halloween the streets were blocked off and ready for the crowds that headed to Lan Kwai Fong.  We headed out early to find a spot to set up for our annual pilgrimage to this event and find a few characters on the streets to shoot portraits of.

I used a simple setup of one light and a canvas background as can be seen in the Behind the Scenes photo below taken with a friend whilst we were waiting for potential portrait subjects.

Behind the scenes setup photo - taken with iphone

Behind the scenes setup photo - taken with iphone

For the camera equiment, I was using the medium format Fuji GFX50s with Fujifilm 63mm lens.

Lighting was Godox AD200 with a Rime Lite 120cm softbox

The backdrop I had handmade in the USA by a company called Studio Dynamics, high quality, non reflective canvas and very durable.

I also use a model release app called 'Easy Release' on the iPad, which allows very quickly and easily for people to sign and record their email.  This allows me freedom of useage of images, and also a record of peoples email address, so I can email them their portraits a few days later.  I highly recommend this practice to save hassle and to ensure you give back the image, if people give you their time for a portrait, its the least you can do to send them a copy.

I only stayed for around 2 hours, I am sure if I had been there late there would have been hundreds more characters, but sometimes at Halloween you need to pack away your gear and go for a few drinks with friends yourself ;-)

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