Team Vibram photoshoot

This year we were asked to cover the Vibram HK100 ultra-marathon, which took place this weekend (blog post on that coming soon). A few weeks ago we met up with the Vibram tester team to do some marketing and advertising shots for Vibram China which were used for press release and upcoming Vibram trade shows in Beijing and all over the world.

We spent the day on the mountains above Hong Kong, with great moody skies which helped with our black and white photography, a few lights and some very fit Team Vibram members posing for us running up and down the hills and along the mountain sides.

All in all a great day out for us, yet another reason to love being a photographer - getting out into the fresh air with great scenery, meeting fantastic people and delivering some work that they are very happy with,   Its great when everything falls into place like it should.

The next blog post will show images from the HK100 event itself, both behind the scenes and the race - we are just recovering (as are the athletes I'm sure), as the race was a long long weekend, almost 25 hours non-stop photography....a mission in itself!  That will be coming very soon in the next few days, please check back to see that shortly.

In the meantime, here's a few images below from the test shoot with them:

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