Ulingan Charcoal Factory, Tondo, Manila

This is a short video slideshow of stills images and sound that I shot last week at probably one of the visually worst slums I have ever visited in my life. I suggest to view it, you click the box at bottom of the video and change to 720 HD and then click fullscreen to view it in best quality, crank up the volume, hear the sounds of the place with the music.

All of these images are shot on the Olympus OMD.

(If the video doesn't appear first time here, just refresh the page and it will appear).

I became aware of this place in Tondo, Manila after seeing some footage on a website which I have copied below, if you feel you want to get involved, please visit their site, as they for sure are trying to do great things for people in a very desparate situation.

The name of the charity is Project Pearls, and their website is below: