Phnom Penh workshop underway...mudfest with x100s

Well the day started slow as the flight from Hong Kong with the group of keen photographers was delayed by 2 hours but that didn't change anything other than a faster lunch once they arrived. We went through our composition presentations and were out crossing the river by 4pm heading to a small village on the other side for a baptism of mud and photography.

Fuji X100s in panoramic JPEG mode (12 images stitched in camera, works fine)

For myself I just took the Fuji X100s out and this is actually the first time I've tried to use it properly, its very different from my Leicas but nevertheless it did everything I asked it to without any issues, so all images you see in this post are from the Fuji.

Even though the first shoot was just a taster of whats to come, it was still great fun and everyone was fascinated by how energetic and happy the local kids are around here.

Winnie taking a break and trying not to slide downhill into the river as I almost did a few times!

I noticed Winnie taking some photos with the kids then as she took a break she had that look on her face of elation that happens to everyone when they are around Cambodian people, their zest for life rubs off on you very quickly and they really put our own lives in perspective.  Just being around them, with or without camera is a positive life experience I believe.

These kids swim freely in the Mekong river, hanging on to passing boats and playing wildly in the mud.

Everyone had quick refresher on how to use their metering systems on the cameras and then it was some free shooting time to seek out some willing subjects, of which there is never a shortage in Phnom Penh.

No tyre swings here, but the bumper tyres on boats work well as a makeshift chair until the boat leaves.

We were lucky enough to have our own personal acrobatics display team at the village.

Who needs a diving board? Just climb up the nearest ferry and use that as your diving platform.

Lydia has her first mud spa shortly after arriving in Cambodia and Sammy our driver helps wash up.

Lydia joined Gary barefoot to try and get some extra grip in the mud, but it wasn't helping, luckily the rain had now stopped but left the ground soggy and can be a hazardous sport you know...but getting a good mudpack on your feet is good for you (so i'm told) :-)

Steve (right) and Andrew (back left) taking a break from the heat at a roadside cafe.

After an hour shooting it was time for a quick refreshment before hopping back on the boat to the other side and clean up for our first dinner at the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club), an apt location for dinner on the first night as its perhaps the most heritage building for photographers and journalists in this town with its rich history associated to the Vietnam war era.

A curious girl watches us with nervous curiosity..."who's this gang of photographers in my village"?

Tomorrow morning its an early start, up before dawn to get the beautiful Cambodia sunrise and then off around Phnom Penh to some great locations and hours of photography....will update in a few days with the gang's progress here, watch this space...