Mekong River people - part 2

A few days ago I blogged with some images from the Mekong River people along the Phnom Penh waterways.  The experience I had was so good I couldn't resist returning a few days later. A typical scene of family life on the boats at dusk

This time I won't say too much about the experience, rather I just show the images from spending just 30 minutes on a few small boats.  The original part 1 experience and images can be found here.

The light is great on the river around sunset, so it seems to me the perfect way to end a day in Phnom Penh by exploring the waterways on a small boat, keeping away from the noise of tuk tuk horns and hustle and bustle and just taking in the sunset and sound of paddles and splashing water....a perfect day.

This time i just had one lens, the 24mm on the Leica M9P, as i was worried that changing lenses on the small boats was going to end in tears...therefore 1 lens it was, and I hope I managed to capture the scenes OK with just one focal length this time.

My chauffeur for the evening, a charming character

I got the impression that everything was about 'family' with this group of people, great to see

Kids with faces like movie stars

Great light welcomed us every time we went on the river

Grandmother and grandaughter

A youngster pops her head out to see who the stranger is

2 of my travel companions, Trevor (left) and Stephen (right).  this photo by Steve Porte

Me and Stephen Patterson were the two who risked the small boats and I'm happy to say we returned to our bigger vessel later on with all our gear still mission accomplished :-)

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