BTS with Metro Vocal Group (VIDEO)


In October we were approached by Metro Vocal Group to shoot promotional images for them and help produce their new album design.

They really liked some of our previous ‘grungy’ HDR portraits that we had done and were very keen to emulate this style, so we went ahead with this concept to help promote their new ‘more funky’ image for the group.

The ideas consisted of shooting several portraits of each member of the group using 3 point lighting.  The purpose of this is so that light is coming from all different directions, this helps when making composite images.

Because of the setup required for this, we were able to do the shoot in the comfort of Metro’s own studio, so minimal disruption to them, and luckily our offices are only a few minutes apart in Central.

Once we had the portraits shot with the 3 point lighting, we did a few outdoor shots in the street below their studio so we had some variety of images.

Then we just needed to shoot several HDR backdrops from around town to use as backdrops for the composite images and put it all together in photoshop.

Below is a video showing a quick edit of the day of the shoot and a few of the images also.

We had great fun, great bunch of guys and look forward to seeing the finished CD designs in early 2012 and hearing the new album!

For more information on Metro Vocal Group, check out their website here

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