Obama, Trump and Kim in exclusive F8 studio shoot

So it was Rugby 7s mania again last weekend, and many photographers headed to the stadium with long lenses and fast cameras.  I shoot a lot of sports stuff, so i opted for something completely different this week.

I have photographed some formal portraits of the Trump and Kim Jong Un lookalikes earlier in the year when they were in town making a music video (that blog post linked here), and they contacted me again to let me know they were heading to town with the Obama lookalike also this trip.  Of course this was an opportunity I wasn't going to miss...

At first I wanted to pay homage to one of my favourite portrait photographers 'Platon' by emulating a few of his shots that he did of Obama in the same style just for fun of course.  I felt the Obama lookalike really did look the part, in certain poses it felt so strange looking through the lens with him sat in the studio in the same poses.

We started off with some more serious portraits, but the portraits quickly escalated into some more fun compositions which can be seen below.

Below you can see links to the lookalikes Facebook pages to see more of their antics.

Direct link to Kim Jong Un lookalike Facebook page

Direct link to Donald Trump lookalike Facebook page

Direct link to Obama lookalike Facebook page

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