Shooting Presidents and Supreme Leaders...

President Donald J. Trump lookalike faces off against Kim Jong Un lookalike...

We discovered the President Donald J. Trump lookalike was in Hong Kong doing a music video with the premiere Kim Jong Un lookalike.  

After seeing them on the news we decided to contact them with regards doing some 'official' portraits, in a more classic style, and in our mind a way that the real President Trump should have been photographed! (and of course we had a bit of fun with our two lookalikes at the end of the on for more images...).

As you can see from the link below, the 'official' White House portrait of the real President Donald J. Trump is not at all flattering, the pose, the lighting, the colour, everything about it is very un-flattering to Donald Trump.  Given his position in the world, how could they release such a portrait? (This is of course just my own personal view on the quality of the image, which I know is shared by many other photographers, far and wide).


Anyway, with this in mind, we decided to have a go ourselves at how we might shoot a Presidential portrait, and who better to pose for us than the best Donald Trump lookalike on the planet, who just happened to be in town from Chicago, USA.  Here are a few of the tongue in cheek 'official' portraits that we shot before moving on to the North Korea leader lookalike!

We tried various poses, some standing, some sitting, some serious and some fun (I was cautious not to be too outrageous, as I really wanted to shoot 'flattering portraits' rather than 'slapstick' style that a lot of lookalikes are known for.  I felt this would be good for their portfolio, as well as demonstrating a classic look for us.

Next up we had the North Korean leader lookalike for Kim Jong Un, who was hosting Mr Trump lookalike for the week! - This was really turning into a surreal portrait session.

Both these lookalikes are very well known around the world, recently making headlines gatecrashing the Oscars in Hollywood!

Below you can see links to their Facebook pages, as well as a music video they made (Kim Jong Un lookalike is actually a music producer by trade.

Direct link to Kim Jong Un lookalike Facebook page

Direct link to Donald Trump lookalike Facebook page

Here is the music video they made whilst in Hong Kong

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