Halloween in Hong Kong 2015 - Portraits

Halloween, Hong Kong 2015 - The large crowds of partygoers descend upon the famous 'Lan Kwai Fong' district in Central to party hard with some great fancy dress costumes fuelling the energy and mood of the weekend.

If you want to skip all my blurb and information about the event and just look at the entire gallery of images, just click here.  If you have a spare 2 minutes, please read on first...

In the past we have seen many styles of photography covering this event, tongues sticking out, beer cans towards the lens, more rugby 7's style with some cool and crazy antics.

However, I decided to approach the event this time with my more 'classic portrait' style that I have been shooting in recent years (more of which can be seen in my portrait gallery here.

A little bit of recce an hour or so before everyone arrived ensured I found a good little spot to set up, that wasn't in the way too much.  There is a strong police presence during this event for crowd control and safety, so I had to be careful to remain sensible and not take up half a sidewalk.  Luckily I found a spot that worked well for this, and set up my black backdrop on a stand and my rimelite with flash (normally I use Profoto lights in the studio, but for all my recent travel shots where i've needed a light I've been using the amazing Godox Wistro360.

Once set up, my awesome assistant for the evening 'Natalie' got out my iPad which we have a model release app and some samples of my work to show people and then started engaging with the crowd of Halloween revellers.  Between us we spotted and chatted to loads of people, all of whom were more than happy to pose for a portrait.

The beauty of the model release app is it allows us to publish the images (which we explain to everyone of course), and it also allows us to easily get everyones email address so we can ensure we send each and every volunteer a high resolution copy of their image, win win for everyone.

We stayed at the same location for just 3 hours, and managed to get about 50 portraits, so that is a good result, very happy with the turnout of the images.

For technical info for those that care, I was using the following equipment:

- Godox Wistro360
- Rimelite 95cm softbox
- Sony A7R2
- Zeiss Loxia 50mm F2 (manual focus) - reason for using this lens is it has amazing colour rendition I believe, I do use the Sony Zeiss 50mm 1.8 also, but thought this was a better lens for this job (i also love this lens for video work).

I hope you enjoy these few sample images from this '1 light - 1 night' project, if you wish to see the entire gallery, please click here to go to that gallery.

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