My 'day off' between workshops with the Fuji X100s

We have just finished the Phnom Penh workshop yesterday afternoon which was a great success. One team member left, and two more arrived this morning to head south with us for the next workshop so we are now a merry band of 8 photographers heading down to the seaside.

Today was supposed to be a day off or 'admin' day....but of course none of us could resist the chance to do more shooting, so we had some prints made from the previous days shoots and took them to the temple and the Muslim village to hand them out and make use of our time shooting again.

As it was supposed to be a day off, i didn't do much teaching and guidance and opted to just go for a walk and take only my X100s and leave the Leicas behind for a few hours.

I have had the X100s a while now, but never use it, I always bring it with the Leicas and it ends up staying in the bag...In hindsight this is a silly mistake, its one or the other, no point carrying double the gear...I teach the others to bring smaller cameras and not to be overloaded with kit...then bring 3 cameras myself...kind of defeating the

So, refreshingly, i headed out for a walk with just the X100s slung over my shoulder and nothing else.

These images are the first time i have used this camera properly in 2 months....I can honestly say I'm so far very very happy....I was considering selling it a few weeks ago due to non-usage and now I realise that would be a mistake, it has excellent image quality and when i need a low light colour camera (the Leica M9 is useless for that), then this will be the one I turn too.

I'm not into talking about all the technical features and details of cameras, I don't believe in that, any camera you give me is just a only interested in the 'feeling' that comes across in the image once developed...I have zero interest in the size of the camera/lens/etc, as too many times i've seen the most expensive cameras in the hands of fools and the cheapest cameras in the hands of geniuses...Usually the quote rings true 'all the gear...means no idea'.....  So next time you think to carry 3 cameras or the biggest most expensive cameras you can afford...think twice....remember....the most important thing in photography is your minds eye....the camera is just a box that captures that vision, without that vision, any camera is useless to you.

Here's a few images I shot this afternoon.  Tomorrow we head South, I will try and use it more each day and see how I get along.

A baby sleeps calmly in the afternoon lightLady in doorway allows me to shoot her as she relaxes away from the outdoor heatHiding from the cows that charged down the street towards the kidsFine tuning his fishing nets for the next time he's out on the Mekong riverChildren at a local school inside a monastery

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