(VIDEO) Seafrogs A6xxx Salted Line Underwater Housing review

I have been using underwater housings for diving and snorkelling for several months now, and here I share my thoughts on the new Seafrogs A6xxx Salted Line underwater housing.

This new housing has several features that are usually only found on higher end or much more expensive systems, such as vacuum seal, manual focusing abilities for multiple lens options and audible alarm system for any potential leaks.

If you are in the market for a underwater housing either for recreational diving or just need something to keep your camera safe whilst snorkelling on holiday, Seafrogs may be the perfect choice.

Their prices are extremely competitive, and the quality is great, I have had no issues whatsoever with the systems.

For discounts on any Seafrogs housings, use the discount code 'F8CH' upon checkout.

Link to Sea Frogs website: https://seafrogs.com.hk/

Please check out the video review featuring free divers from ‘Azul Free diving’ in the Philippines and a good look at the housing and its features. ( Bear in mind this is my first attempt at talking directly to camera doing a review (much harder than I thought, I normally stay behind the lens).

Thanks for taking the time to watch!

When we filmed this review, my colleague also did a review on the Sony A7RIII and Sony A9 housings. That review can be found here:

Blog post: https://www.christiaanhart.com/blog/2019/1/29/sea-frogs-underwater-camera-housing-review

Direct YouTube video link (A9 and A7RIII housing review): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlI9Y9JmaKY

Gary Tyson is a commercial photographer and videographer currently based in Manila, Philippines.

Our team works on international photography and video projects around the globe, ranging from motorsports events, portraiture, video production and Gary also runs private travel photography workshops around South East Asia and India.

Link to Sea Frogs website: https://seafrogs.com.hk/

Link to A6xxx 'Salted Line' housings featured in this review: https://seafrogs.com.hk/collections/salted-line.

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