Cosplay Portraits from the Hong Kong Ani-Com 2017 - Fuji GFX

Today we took a break from the studio to take the Fuji GFX medium format camera out for some portrait shoots during the opening of the Hong Kong Ani-Com event 2017 held at the Wanchai Exhibition Centre.

Wonder Woman? Not sure, but looks wonderful!

We wanted to test the new Godox AD200 flash which allows High Speed Sync with the Fuji camera, something I have been missing since getting the Fuji.  This feature allows us to effectively reduce or cancel out the ambient light so that our subjects can be lit solely by our flash, or we can better balance the ambient light.  In this case I wanted to cancel out most of the room light, as it was lit by flourescent light which was not flattering.

The contact lenses finish off the looks perfectly.

A young guy came up to me half dressed as spider man, I asked him if I could take the before and after shots, as you can see below, I loved the way he transformed when he put on the full costume and even started performing some perfect 'spidey' jumps, he's obviously been practicing a lot!

'Peter Parker mode' - before the transformation.

In full Spiderman mode, performing flawless jumps much to our entertainment!  

All the portraits below are taken with the Fuji GFX, 63mm and lit with a Godox AD200 flash bounced into a Profoto large white umbrella.  They have only had slight contrast added in Adoble Lightroom and a custom GFX profile that I have created using my calibration charts to give me exact colour that I want direct from camera.

Loving the colours straight from camera on the Fuji GFX50s.

Fuji reds are spectacular!

Red, green (eyes) and blue...primary colours shining from the Fuji.

Jack Sparrow never looked so good!

A lot of effort goes into the hairstyles, costumes and props.

A lot of effort on this costume too, looking spectacular!

Pretty in pink!

It's not just the girls that like to dress up...

Gary is a Fuji X Photographer and founder of F8 Photography and is fortunate to be able to travel around the world following his passion by creating images and short films for a diverse range of clients.  Before founding F8 Photography Gary was a British Army photographer which led him all over the globe fine tuning his passion.