(VIDEO) Scuba Diving with the Insta360 One X in Puerto Galera, Philippines.

On the latest dive trip to Puerto Galera, Philippines, I took along the Insta360 One X camera and dive housing to test it out underwater at depths of up to 30 metres.

My last Insta360 (version 1) failed in the swimming pool, so as you can imagine I was more than a little wary of whether this new model would even survive being underwater.

I can happily say that it not only survived, but performed flawlessly for the few days I used it.

Here you can see a quick edit taken from 2 dives. The camera records 360 in 5.7k, therefore you can extract a 1080p frame from anywhere in the scene, which is what I have done here. It’s a simple exercise, but I love the freedom it gives you to ‘shoot first’ and ‘pick your angles later.

Of course there are a few issues that remain with this type of camera; limited white balance settings, and the nadir that appears at the bottom of the 360 frame when shooting with the dive housing, but compared to any other 360 camera I have used, all I can say is I’m very happy, it’s a great toy/tool which can add some interesting angles to any event and taking it underwater was great fun with minimal efffort.

I highly recommend the Insta 360 One X camera and Dive Case for anyone looking at expanding their vision either above or below the surface!