Cambodian Colour - from dawn til dusk

It was an early start today, 5.30am, out to the ferry port to shoot the workers arriving to Phnom Penh from across the Mekong river.  The great thing about shooting this location is that I could see it easily from my hotel room could do a quick check to make sure the light was developing well before getting ready...(I'm so lazy...this is why you see very few landscape photographs from me).

After shooting the workers and boat people arriving there for the 15 mins of good light, the sun was up and it was back for breakfast before we headed out to scout another new location just outside the city which used to be a lake but has mostly dried up with just a few water channels remaining.

The thing that struck me about this district was 'colour'....the light was great, the buildings were painted in pastels and the kids were dressed in vibrant colours, it just all 'popped'....the other thing that popped was my shoe, which 'popped off' when i got my leg stuck in some swamp when i was trying to shoot some kids sitting in old small price to pay for the rewards of the images today.

Yet again we were met by all smiling happy faces, the kids were playing all sorts of games and keen to show off to us at every opportunity.  Another successful day in this wonderful country, looking forward to a 5am start again tomorrow morning (you don't hear me say that very often...:-))

Here's a few more images from todays shooting, all shot with Leica M9P and lenses from 35-75mm.

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