Student Showcase - Lisa (composition)

Lisa is about halfway through the course now, and has recently been on a month long trip back to Europe so had plenty of time to concentrate on some of her homework, this time being 'composition'. The brief was to take a few images that demonstrate some basic elements of composition after having had the composition lesson and some reading materials to digest; some of the subjects for the homework  included showing images that deomonstrate the following;

Leading lines, frame within a frame, shape, colour, contrast, portraits of a stranger, unusual viewpoints etc.

After having reviewed the images, I have to say that I am yet again VERY IMPRESSED by the standard of images that are being produced after a few lessons and pointers in the right direction.

Lisa hails from Denmark and has a background in design and styling so she already has a very creative eye for sure, that was clear to me when we first met, and now that she has fine tuned her technical abilities with the camera she is able to communicate and realise what she sees in her minds eye easily and to good effect with the camera.

Here are a few of Lisa's images, bearing in mind she has only been using a Digital SLR camera for a few weeks, already showing that she is taking to photography with ease, a real natural talent, great to see!

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